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The heating/hot water supply is an important part of your home/property.

We take care of your new installation, replace parts, repair them and maintain them. We can also provide you with low temperature systems (heating temperature to 60 degrees), designed so your heating bills go down and stay low.

During the design we take into account your wishes. We also look to the future of your home/property, such as a new bathroom or a construction/building that comes later so you can connect it more easily while reducing costs.

We can also implement solar water heaters, boiler systems and heat pumps.

The maintenance of your installation/boiler is important, we conduct this annual and periodically we replace parts to make sure that your property stays properly heated. These activities are all in consultation with you as the customer. We maintain all brands.

The cost of the annual maintenance on a boiler up to 40kw costs 64.10 euro excluding VAT per year. Please note than the VAT rate on labor until March 2014 is 6% instead of 21%.

We carry the following brands, among others. Intergas, Nefit, Remeha, Itho, Bosch. You can click the logos below to read more. You will be redirected to the manufacturers.

For questions and/or a non-committal offer, you can contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

All used materials are almost completely reusable.


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